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Where is Gravlaks coming from ?

This gravlaks finds its roots in Denmark, and reveals a pretty exciting and interesting flavor that will tease your senses. It is an old Scandinavian tradition using a curing process already used in the X th century during viking era in the Valhalla domain.The word “Gravlaks” comes from the Danish “gravad laks” meaning “buried salmon”. Traditionally salmon was caught, washed, rolled in cloth with salt and sugar and then cured by burying the salmon in a hole between layers of sand and stone above the high tide line for a few days; producing a concentration of flavors and color.



We are selecting salmons from Scotland as we prefer to bring the best part of the best salmon.

When the burried salmon process appeared..

This process responds to the need of giving the fish a second life.. by curing it.
The recipe has been since improved by Danish chefs using their own blend of seasoning.


If smoked salmon brings two flavors, salmon and smoke, the gravlaks offers a long and delicate flavor.
This salmon is seasoned to taste. Serve on bread or blinis with a touch of horseradish cream. No lemon is needed as it would break the balance.
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